Showcase – cars, drifting, CAD etc.

In my opinion, to be a good designer in motorsports, 3D visualizations regarding emergencies/eLearning, 3D printing, 3D scanning, engineering – you need to have a practical sense. Experience being a industrial and building site electrician (since 2002), building cars from scratch (since 2004), drifting – many years pro (since 2006), professional degree BIM technician (since 2020), mechanical engineering (ongoing). Gives you a big advantage in designing – because you know what works!!

I will showcase some of the things that makes cadworks unique

Awesome drifting action (from 00:40), my Toyota Supra PRO drifting car, 750 hp and 950 nm. I have built and owned this car since 2009. ( filmed summer 2022 – sound on! )
My 1997 Toyota Supra TT BPU 6speed. I built this car from ground up! I bought it in Sweden as a empty rolling shell, in february 2019. June 2020 it was like new, with all the specs from factory – and registrered. Was one hell of a job finding all the parts! But it was worth it.
3D Visualization made by cadworks. I really like this Cyberpunk style rendering – using Twinmotion.
CAD design made by cadworks. It is a clutch alignment tool for Toyota Supra v160 transmission. Made in Solidworks. Contact me for custom parts.
3D scanning done by cadworks. Toyota Supra TT – air filter box location.
Assembly of Supra MK4 CAD designed and Carbon Fiber 3D printed air filter box – with cold air ducting

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