New equiptment, and 3D-Printer upgrades

Creality E3D Titan – Direct drive for my Ender 3-Max. Works really good, and will 3D print my PETG Carbon Fiber and Flexible filaments like a charm! I added a Creality CR-Touch at the same time. Creality CR-Scan 01 is also new for CADWORKS! I will use this 3D scanner for reverse-engineering, engine compartments (3DContinue reading “New equiptment, and 3D-Printer upgrades”

I’m down memory lane today

I’m in the process of gathering old pictures og videos from my early days, from 1995 to 2001 (age 11-17). Back then, computers was the shit!:) You know, Duke Nukem 3D – Half Life – Command &Conquer – Diablo – Quake 3 – Unreal Tournament! Or what about Serious Sam in 2001, haha. Games, LANContinue reading “I’m down memory lane today”

Mechanical Engineering

I got mechanical knowledge, no doubt. Being hands-on for 20 years, does just that! But what about the rest?! I try not settle for less! BIM professional degree gave me a lot, 3D modeling, collaboration, visualization, documentation. But I want more, and within what interests me the most – Machanical. I’m really looking forward forContinue reading “Mechanical Engineering”