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Hello, my name is Stian Marthinsen, born 06.1984 from Fredrikstad, Norway. My background from cars and drifting is described below on this page.

My interest for cars and motor related, started out pretty late. Actually computers fascinated me first. And got some good memories from that time (1994-2001), building computers, gaming and LAN parties. Cars got my attention in 2001 and I was 17 years old at the time. Films like Fast and Furious and Getaway in Stockholm 2 came out that year, and of course made a big impact on me. Especially the black Supra in Getaway in Stockholm!

Still in 2001, a friend at school was really into old Opel’s! And one winter day after school, I get to see his old Opel Manta B at his parents house. It didn’t take long before I bought my own first car, a Opel Kadett GSi. My interest for cars were rising rapidly! By the time I was 22 in 2006, my time with Opel was over. 6 diffrent cars and projects. From 330hp C20LET engine swaps to Omega 3000 24v. I was ready for something new, and something… RWD!

Opel Vectra with C20LET engine swap and 6 speed transmission from Calibra Turbo. My first serious build in 2004. Little did I know I would keep building car for 17 years, and still gong strong! Photo: Stian Marthinsen

Moving on, from year 2006:

1986 Porsche 944 Turbo Drift car. Bought it completely stock in summer 2006. Turned out to be the wildest and most expensive build to this date. I learned so so much from working on this car! Suspension, brakes, chassis, welding, roll cage, drive line, and maybe the most important – building a engine from scratch, with all of the best parts. Car put out 520hp and 630nm on E85, with custom Garrett turbo.

From there I was hooked! Bought my drift Supra i 2009, to replace the 944 Turbo. Still got this Supra, and will probably never sell it ( even thought it’s been close in some weak times). Got so many memories from this car, from all of Scandinavia competing. I have found what’s works for me with this car. Car is running strong, 750hp and 950nm. And is very reliable! Full PRO drift-spec car.

Summer 2019: Toyota Trackday, Rudskogen. Supra performed perfect! Photo: Eriane Wennevold – Wennevold photography
DHB in Denmark, June 2012. In many ways, the peak of my drifting career.

In 2013 I bought a nice stock R32 Nissan Skyline GTR V-spec, as a side project. I’ve always liked these cars. After driving it with the RB26 the first 6 months, I wanted to put a 2JZ in it. I regret doing that to this day. But again, learned a lot, and didn’t loose money on it. Car run on GTK-650 turbo, 98 oct fuel, Maxxecu with custom wiring done by me, and a R154 transmission. Car made 550whp. At this time, I was not the best welder, so a friend of mine did the welding. But I did all the calculations, measuring and designing of the engine and transmission mounts. A lot of custom work had to be done on this car, and it all worked really good. All the work on this car will help me in future CAD related jobs.

Car done late 2014. Photo: Stian Marthinsen

Moving on, from year 2017:

Started restoring cars in 2017. My first car to be done, was a 1983 Porsche 944 NA. Bought it in Sweden and imported it to Norway. The car was in rough condition! After closer inspection back home, I knew I had a lot of work to get this car on the roads! Some really bad rust had to be fixed. After 6 months intense work, the car was ready with Norwegian plates. Engine, suspension, brakes, interior, body, all in good shape and looking good. Sold it 2 years later, and made some good money on it.

Photo: Stian Marthinsen

In 2018 I wanted to try Racing, Porsche 944 Cup. I bought a 944 cup car, made some tweaks to it, and did some racing i the 2018 season. This was in addition to using the Supra on some drifting, so a pretty hectic year. I made some cool changes to the 944 cup car for the 2019 season, and did one racing event in Sweden. But had to make up my mind at this point, because early 2019 I had bought a rolling 1997 Supra TT 6 speed chassis from Sweden. A new car to build from ground up. I had to choose, racing or drifting. I could not let drifting go, so the 944 cup car got sold.

Photo: Stian Marthinsen

2019 and 2020 I used all my learning in cars, to build the best one yet, the mighty MK4 1997 Toyota Supra TT 6 speed. This was a incredible amount of work, done in 11 months. Bringing looks and specs just like it came from the assembly line in 1997. With OEM Toyota parts, except only a few minor upgrades over stock.

In Sweden Feb. 2019. Buying the rolling chassis. Photo: Stian Marthinsen
Registered and ready, June 2020. Photo: Stian Marthinsen

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