I’m down memory lane today

I’m in the process of gathering old pictures og videos from my early days, from 1995 to 2001 (age 11-17). Back then, computers was the shit!:) You know, Duke Nukem 3D – Half Life – Command &Conquer – Diablo – Quake 3 – Unreal Tournament! Or what about Serious Sam in 2001, haha. Games, LAN parties or walking to your friends with HEAVY computer, (BIG) screen, soda and a frozen pizza – it all was something special!

This dusty old computer was my true passion back in the days. Building it, upgrading it, overclocking it with different cooling mods. Getting the highest score in the MadOnion 3D mark! Hehe. This computer I think was last upgraded in 2001. MSI k7t266 pro2 ver 2.0 motherboard and Sapphire RADEON 9500 ATLANTIS 128MB graphics card. I get really notalgic about all this. This computer has been sitting unused since 2002/2003. Because I got my drivers lisence in 2002, and I started to get more into cars. Would be really cool to hear your 90’s and 2000’s computer/LAN stories:)

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