Mechanical Engineering

I got mechanical knowledge, no doubt. Being hands-on for 20 years, does just that! But what about the rest?! I try not settle for less! BIM professional degree gave me a lot, 3D modeling, collaboration, visualization, documentation. But I want more, and within what interests me the most – Machanical.

I’m really looking forward for two more years, aug.2021-jun2023. Mechanical Engineering will take my CAD, R&D, material simulations, documentations to the next level.

Please note. I have no problems taking small jobs under these two years. CAD, 3D printing, 3D visualization, advice and more. But of course, they can’t be several weeks big jobs. Both time wise, and regarding very complex parts that I’m still not comfortable to take. After mechanical engineering is done, I can for example design new suspension parts for a race car. Done the correct way!

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